AIQ: Measuring Intelligence of Business AI Software

AIQ: Measuring Intelligence of Business AI Software

Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, Israel


Focusing on Business AI, this article introduces the AIQ quadrant that enables us to measure AI for business applications in a relative comparative manner, i.e. to judge that software A has more or less intelligence than software B. Recognizing that the goal of Business software is to maximize value in terms of business results, the dimensions of the quadrant are the key factors that determine the business value of AI software: Level of Output Quality (“Smartness”) and Level of Automation. The use of the quadrant is illustrated by several software solutions to support the real-life business challenge of field service scheduling.

The role of machine learning and conversational digital assistants in increasing the business value are also discussed and illustrated with a recent integration of existing intelligent digital assistants for factory floor decision-making with the new version of Google Glass. Such hands-free AI solutions elevate the AIQ level to its ultimate position.

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