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Disease Labeling via Machine Learning is NOT quite the same as Medical Diagnosis

Almost every week, we see articles in the public or scientific media claiming that smart machines are now doing medical diagnosis. A very recent example appeared in the September 25th edition of Medical News with the title “Artificial intelligence as effective as professionals at diagnosing…

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AIQ: Measuring Intelligence of Business AI Software

Focusing on Business AI, this article introduces the AIQ quadrant that enables us to measure AI for business applications in a relative comparative manner, i.e. to judge that software A has more or less intelligence than software B. Recognizing that the goal of Business software…

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Wikipedia for Smart Machines and Double Deep Machine Learning

Very important breakthroughs in data-centric machine learning algorithms led to impressive performance in ‘transactional’ point applications such as detecting anger in speech, alerts from a Face Recognition system, or EKG interpretation. Non-transactional applications, e.g. medical diagnosis beyond the EKG results, require AI algorithms that integrate…

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