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29. Drive Less, Do More: Service Fleets Can Join The Hypermiling Craze – Moshe BenBassat, CEO and Chairman of ClickSoftware discusses how fuel prices inch toward all-time highs, consumers are once again joining the “hyper-miling” movement. (Forbes, 2011)

28. ClickSoftware announces ClickAppStore for Mobile Business Applications – ClickSoftware brings the ‘app store’ concept to the world of business applications for enterprise mobility. (CBR, 2011)
27. The Starter Kit Concept and Working in the ClickAppStore – In this short article Dr. BenBassat discusses how the concept of Starter Kits and the ClickAppStore are ready to revolutionize the business mobility market. (ClickSoftware Website, 2011)

26. Customer Relationship Management in the Cable Field: A Generational Question – An interview with Moshe BenBassat, CEO and Chairman of ClickSoftware discusses how cable companies need to ramp up their efforts in customer service. (TMCnet, 2011)

25. Device choices make mobile workforce management decisions primary. (, 2011)

24. ERP, Services, Telephony and Mobile – Will software vendors see the new opportunity or will they continue to view cell phones as phones and not as business process change agents? (ZDNet, 2011);conten

23. Optimization Then & Now: Going Mobile – Dr. Moshe BenBassat, CEO of ClickSoftware discusses how mobile workforce management can optimize a business’s physical and human resources. (Spend Matters, 2011)

22. On the Road to Agile Mobile Business Applications – Dr. Moshe BenBassat, CEO of ClickSoftware discusses how consumer-level applications are a catalyst for mobile business applications. (Field Technologies, 2011)

21. Why HTML5 Will Really Matter in 2011 – How ClickSoftware is a good example of this trend. (IT Business Edge, 2010)

20. The Wall Street Transcript Featuring ClickSoftware – ClickSoftware CEO Moshe BenBassat was interviewed for this article, Connecting Market Leaders with Investors. (The Wall Street Transcript, 2010)

19. Bank Leumi Optimises Staff Rotation with ClickSoftware. (, 2010)

18. Is a bad economy good for customer service? Cutbacks might seem prudent right now, but smart companies are investing in customer service during the downturn. (InfoWorld, 2010)

17. Stop laying off customer service workers! Smart use of software can eliminate ‘cable guy syndrome,’ and save jobs. (CNN, 2010)

16. ClickSoftware Releases “Service Chain Optimization For Dummies”. (IT, 2009)

15. ClickSoftware Unveils Standalone Mobility Suite. (, 2009)

14. Improve service by spending on efficiency. (Financial Times Online, 2009)

13. ClickSoftware Connects Field Service. (CRM Magazine, 2008)

12. Location-Based Services Put Efficiency on the Map. (Inbound Logistics Magazine, 2008)

11. Getting a charge out of service optimization. (Electric Energy Online, 2008)

10. Wiring the Beijing Olympics. (Baseline, 2008)

9. Enabling the Real-Time Service Enterprise Service optimization technology changes the dynamic.
destination. (, 2008)

8. Top Five Ways Service Organizations Can Go Green. (Directions Magazine, 2008)

7. Growth, On Schedule. (Boston Business Journal, 2008)

6. Getting Smart SLR. (Wireless Week, 2008)

5. When Do You Allow Computers to Make Decisions for You? (CRM Today, 2005)

4. Of Jackpots And Jugglers, Making Service Optimization Work For You. (Customer Interaction Solutions, 2005)

3. Field Service Management – Where Logistics Meets Location Technology. (Directions Magazine, 2005)

2. Service And Maintenance Software Clicks. (Industry Week, 2003)

1. Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. (Real Market Today – Expert Corner, 2003)

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