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58. Moshe BenBassat: Disease Labeling via Machine Learning is NOT quite the same as Medical Diagnosis, arXiv, September 2019

57. Moshe BenBassat:  Wikipedia For Smart Machines and Double Deep Machine Learning, arXiv, October 2018

56. Moshe BenBassat: AIQ: Measuring Intelligence of Business AI Software, arXiv, August 2018.

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52. I. Schreiber and M. Ben-Bassat: Poligonal Object Recognition, 10th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, June 1990.

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43. M. Ben-Bassat, O. Maler: A framework for control strategies in uncertain in ference networks. Proceedings of the workshop on Uncertainty and Probability in Arti fi cial lntcll igenee,UCLA pp. 143- 15 1, August 14-16, 1985. (A

42. M. Burstin, M. Ben-Bassat: A User’s Approach to Requirements Analysis of A Large Software System. Proceedings of ACM’84, Seattle, October 1984.

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28. M. Ben-Bassat, Y. Draizin, Y. Karmon, l. Kashtan: A Decision SuppOt1 System for The Design and Maintenance of An Organization’s Annual Work Plan (Hebrew). Proceedings of the 1982 Conference of the Israeli Organization for In

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